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Volunteering with Helping Lives lets you experience our campaigns firsthand!

We are always looking for enthusiastic people to help with our work. We have a range of volunteering opportunities for you to get involved with.

Join our group of volunteers and become a part of the organisation whose cause is bigger than all of us. Make a difference to someone’s life by taking part in various campaigns HelpingLives® is running across the globe.

Our volunteers play an important role in our projects, providing much needed support, assistance, and individual attention that is crucial for our mission and development. As a volunteer for HelpingLives® you will be participating in projects, that are valued by many communities with whom we work. Your involvement makes a difference!

Support our Fundraising

Fundraising volunteers offer vital support to our fundraising teams. From cheering and marshalling at sporting events to taking part in street collections. Being a fundraising volunteer is fun and rewarding so please spare some time to join our team.

We are looking for volunteers to help at the events. If you are interested, please call 0203 633 6333 or email

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