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Ramadan Month Food Donation

The month of Ramadan brings so much blessings to us & we always make sure we do our best to contribute towards the holy cause.

Families around the world need your urgent help. They cannot escape the pain of hunger, day or night.

This Ramadan, as millions of Muslims break their fast every day at sunset, some families face a never-ending fast. There’s nothing for them to eat before or after sunset.

With one act of kindness – as simple as sharing your Iftar – you can help provide life-saving food for some of the world’s hungriest children and families through Ramadan and beyond.

Parts of four countries may already be in the grip of famine. In areas of Yemen, South Sudan, and Magadascar an estimated 169,000 people are directly at risk of starvation. People are already dying of hunger.

It’s a desperate situation. So please make your generosity go further in the days leading up to Eid al-Fitr.

With your support, we aim to provide at least 30 million people who are at risk of famine in 2021 with life-saving food and nutrition assistance.

This Ramadan, the greatest reward comes from sharing what you have with the families who might otherwise be forgotten. Please donate now.

Ramadan Mubarak

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